Youth Ministry Hindsight

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Life is about living and learning from what you have done. In youth ministry the same can be said that we learn from our experiences. If we had certain things to do over again we would change something based on our current view or hindsight. This book shares real-life practical ministry experience of serving students and parents from urban and suburban communities, whether it’s single-parent or two-parent homes. If your ministry has a budget or you have to raise the money, you’ll find insight. I have been blessed to serve in success and in failure. My prayer is that this book will help you to learn from my mistakes and do better as you serve the students and families in your ministry. I’ve also included in-depth interviews from some of the top leaders in youth ministry: Pastor Tony Lee, Pastor Adam Durso, Pastor Sharee Johnson, Pastor Phil Johnson and Pastor Jerrod Gunter. Their hindsight will help take your youth ministry to the next level. Get ready to learn from the 5 things I wish I knew when I started.