Discipleship Pack (select from two options)

  • $35.00

Get 124 days of devotional readings to help your student(s) grow in their faith and grow closer to Christ. 

Each day walks the student through 6 areas:

  1. Scripture (the reading for the day)
  2. Say What? (the scripture translated into simple terms)
  3. Breakdown (the devotion for the day)
  4. Live it out (how to DO this scripture today)
  5. Prayer (guided prayer for the day)
  6. Reflection (journal section for the day)

Included in the pack receive:

  1. Fresh: Wisdom through God's Word from the book of Proverbs
  2. What is love? God's view on love and relationships
  3. Faith Greater Than Fear: Stories of faith in God's Word
  4. One of the following of your choice:
    • Devoted: Examining key men in the Bible
    • The Proverbial Girl: Devotional through Proverbs 31 with a focus on wisdom, values, and being fabulous