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Today’s young men are bombarded with a variety of images of rap artists and professional athletes to look up to, but, unfortunately, many of them do not have examples of “devoted” Christian men in their lives to show the ways of God.  This 31-Day devotional is designed to show young men examples of “devoted” men from no other place than God’s Word. The Bible is filled with men who were “devoted” to God in almost every situation.

During this 31-Day journey, not only will young men learn about great examples of “manhood” from the Bible, they will also be encouraged to “Live It Out”, where they will be pushed to put into practice the principle or lesson learned from the “devoted” man of the Bible. It is my prayer that every young man who reads this devotional for the entire 31 days, and puts the lessons into practice, will begin to live a “devoted” life focused on God. 

Are you ready to be “devoted” to God? 

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